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Homework for week 1! Syllabus

We have gone over the syllabus in class and completed activities to make ourselves aware of the procedures and expectations that Mrs. Roe has for our class.  Please be sure to read over the syllabus with a parent or guardian and you both sign and return the bottom of the syllabus by Friday, August 12th.  Also remember to bring in the “first day folder” paper work as soon as possible!

If you need another copy, you can print one from the links below.  Be sure you choose the correct class syllabus.

Pre-Algebra 1st, 3rd, and 4th Period

Syllabus Roe PreAlgebra 16-17


Advanced Pre-Algebra 5th Period

Syllabus Roe Advanced PreAlgebra 16-17

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Area and Circumference of Circles Day! April 14th

Area and Circumference of Circles Practice

April 14th, 2016



Tenmarks – circles

7.G.4 Area and Circumference of Circles



Area and Circumference Practice combined

Circumference interactive model, plus questions:

interactive 2


Circles: calculate area, circumference, radius, diameters

activity 1


Area and circumference quiz game

area circumference quiz


Calculate area, circumference, radius, diameter practice

practice 2


Circle word problems

word problems practice


Circumference Practice

Circumference Interactive model:

interactive 1

Circumference practice questions and games:

practice 1

practice 2

practice 3

practice 4

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Computer day February 25th



1st —– Please click on the link below to access the game that we will work on together.

Multi-Step Equations


2nd —– Go to and complete the lesson on solving multi-step equations with integers



3rd —— Game time:  Record the game that you played, the time you played, and your results (score).  If the game requires you to show work to complete on your piece of paper.

Complete a game in TenMarks. TenMarks

Complete IXL activities T.6 or T.8 IXL

2-step Hoops 2-step Hoops

balance scales balance scales

Jeopardy solving equations jeopardy


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Equations Webquest

You will find a link for the equations web quest here

Equations WebQuest

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Computer Lab Day February 2nd and 4th

Happy Groundhog day!  Did you also know a groundhog is called a woodchuck and a whistle pig?  They also do not eat wood. (I read my daughter a book last night about groundhog day…very informational!)

Be sure you have logged into Google Classroom to access the chat should you need assistance while you are working independently.

So let’s get started working with equations!


Please click on the 1st link below and read quietly to yourself about the vocabulary words well see in this unit.




Now together we are going to work on solving using a balance model.  Follow along on your screen as we work together on the board.  We will work through 2-step equations.  We will model 2 problems together on your modeling sheet.  You will go through and work 6 more questions to fill the model and mathematician way of solving equations page.

Balance model



When you are finished with a total of 8 questions on your model page you can choose from the activities below.  Please record the problems and you work on a separate sheet of a paper to earn credit.


Equations basketball

Battleship 2 step equations

Equation Jeopardy

Solving 2-step equations

Writing Expressions Millionaire



When you finish each day remember to record a reflection or any questions you may not have asked in your google classroom digital learning log.  If you need a sentence starter for your reflection check the side wall or your in class folder.

Google Classroom Login

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Computer Day January 26th

Computer Day January 26th

Choose activities from the following list to complete. After you complete each activity write a learning log sentence about the activity.


Combining like terms- space invaders game


Combining like terms and distributive property practice – choose 7th grade Y.2 or 7th grade Y.3 or 8th grade T.7

(you can do up to 20 problems before it will not let you answer anymore)


Jeopardy Distributive Property and Combine like terms


Writing expressions in word form Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Like Terms Match Game


Distributive Property Battleship

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Number Sense Choice Projects — homework due February 5th

Attached is a copy of the number sense choice projects that are due on February 5th.

You received this information on January 6th.  That gives you 23 days to work on them.

You do NOT do all the activities.  You choose 75 points worth of activities.

Any points exceeding 75 will become bonus.

Extra Ideas for Choice Board Projects

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Chapter 4 Test Friday

Chapter 4 – adding and subtracting integers, signed fractions, and signed decimals (positive and negative numbers) – test will be this Friday, December 4th.

There is no study guide that needs to be completed and turned, so I am sending some links and some reminders of what the kids have been doing in class.

They will be bringing home the notes from the book tomorrow as well.

This is worksheet that has practice adding positive and negative whole numbers (integers).  We have used counters and number lines to model the addition and subtraction of smaller integers.  From that the students discovered the “rules” or patterns with positive and negative numbers.

Here are the two sets of notes:

Positive and negative whole number practice

fraction practice (the rules are the same)  (students have also drawn models and number lines for problems like this as well)

decimal practice (the rules are the same – models don’t work so well here)

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3rd Period

A place to ask questions about Mathia and reflect on your learning!

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integer how to’s!


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